Application Form

"Boatswain, cat and anchor"  Sergey Syukhin

Our Data Base includes the information about Maritime Personnel for Shipowners interesting in prospective employment of Russian Seafarers from Russian North, the area, traditionally involved into maritime trade.

If you are qualified seafarer with all necessary certificates and good maritime English - You are welcome to fill our Seafarer Application Form.

Please follow instruction:
1. Download of the Application form. You can chose MS Excel File or Self-Extracting Archive.
2. Fill the table as complete as possible.
3. Save the Application form File on your local disk.
4. Send the Application form File by E-Mail as attachment to the address.

We will keep your record in our Crewing Data System and offer you all suitable vacations.

Please indicate in the Application Form an address of your nearest Crewing Agency that you confide - further employment will be performed through the local Crewing Agent.

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