You can find the hard-working uniforms to suit your needs.
We could supply to the vessels working clothes in accordance with your offer.

Комбинезон х/б с рукавами Комбинезон х/б с рукавами
Men's 100% cotton overall is sized to be worn over clothes. The cuffs have sleeve vent and gripper closure.
Size 44-62.

Ботинки кожаные Ботинки кожаные
Safety shoes

Size: 40-46.

Куртка утепленная СМЕНА Куртка утепленная СМЕНА
Winter Jacket

Size: 44-46, 60-62; Height: 170-176, 182-188.

Костюм влагозащитный жёлтый ПРИБОЙ

Size: 48-58.

Ботинки кожаные

Size: 56-62.

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