Traditional merchant maritime connections of Russians with Europe began in XIV century with voyages from Russian North to Norway, Denmark, England. Centuries of risky exploration of the Northern and Arctic seas have created a strong nature of northern seamen known as a “Pomors” from the time of Vikings.

Murmansk Shipping Company (MSCO), Northern Shipping Company (NSC), Northern River Shipping Company, Trawler Fleets and several smaller shipping and fishing companies have their Offices and fleet registered at Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Before the dramatic shortage of Russian Fleet they recruited totally about 15 000 qualified seafarers.

There are the Technical Universities, Maritime and Fishing Colleges, Makarov Academy’s Branches, NSC’s and MSCO’s Marine Training Centres, SOLAS training vessels, which are used for seafarers education and training in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.

According to our procedure of selection we generally recruit the seafarers, who has a minimum two years of on-board experience, positive recommendations and basic knowledge of English which should be confirmed by Computer-based English test and personal interview.

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