Company Profile

In the Polar Crewing LTD we act in the fields of Selection, Crewing, Training and
Management with the Art of Quality.

"Shipowner's Holiday" Sergey SyukhinThis philosophy has led to the creation of an efficient company covering the traditional maritime regions of Scandinavia and north-eastern Russia.

The Polar Crewing LTD was founded in August 1997, but we are known since 1993 as the Murmansk Office of NB Shipping Group.

In June 1998 our company had established her Arkhangelsk Office for better access to the maritime personnel living in the Northern Russia.

Polar Crewing LTD has the activities of selection, training and employment of the qualified Russian officers, ratings and cadets for bulk, general cargo, container and passenger vessels.

Modern situation in International shipping allow us to predict a demand for well trained Russian seamen.

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